Friday, October 21, 2016

The Effects of Music to Unwind the Restless Soul

Music is words accompanied with a touch of rhythm. The effects of music have been very well documented in reducing the level of boredom an individual experiences and in addition, it also promotes a form of therapy which makes a person feel relax and at ease. In the field of health care, it has been used extensively for patient therapy whether it is by group or individual therapy. It has been applied on geriatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, and many other fields of nursing. Its efficiency is indeed noted that is why it is often used. So what does music possesses which makes it a very good form of therapy? Does this apply to everyone irregardless of age and gender? How does music promote relaxation? These questions will be tackled as the discussion progresses.

Music gives you a feel-good feeling. It somehow kicks the negative vibes in the atmosphere away and welcomes in the positive vibes. It serves as a channel of creativity and self-expression. Differences in age, gender and social status are not significant with regards to the effect of music towards an individual. No matter what age you have, no matter what gender you have, and no matter what social status you are in, music will always be music. It soothes the struggling mind and unwinds the restless soul.

Music emits magic, that is, when you are listening to it, it somehow knows what situation you are currently in, making you feel a way lot better. Every situation you are in has an equivalent song to it. Love songs, to be specific, always find a way to your hearts thereby giving an individual an overwhelming feeling of romance. When you are confused and torned between two lovers, there is definitely that song that fits the situation you are experiencing. In times of break-ups and painful heartaches, there is always that perfect break-up song for you to listen with. When you are down and troubled, sad songs are the ones that you rely on. It somehow consoles you and gives you some sort of emotional support. Rock songs on the other hand, gives a listener a feeling of freedom to express emotions even those with rage in nature. This type of music is loud and wild thereby promoting an expression with no restrictions and free of will. Another type of music is hip-hop. It sorts of promote a party atmosphere allowing the listeners to get into a party mood. If you are planning to have fun and just bounce to the beats and rhythms of music, then hip-hop would be perfect for you. After a weekday full of stress and job orders, definitely an individual needs to chill out and unwind as a prize for pulling through the hard weekday. On weekends, it is most likely that party time is just waiting around the corner.

Music has also a consolidating and unifying effect. This means that no matter how different people are in terms of skin color, race, and lifestyle, music unites them all. People in different walks of life; the poor, the rich, the young, and the aged all have one thing in common, it is music that makes them feel relaxed, makes them feel at ease and makes them as one.

Aside from the mentioned above, music is also very obviously a source of entertainment. A person listens to music to be relaxed, to be at eased and above all, to be entertained. Music is undoubtedly entertaining. The genre of music an individual listens to depends on preference and mood. When you are happy, you listen to upbeat and jolly songs. When you are gloomy, you listen to slow beat and sad songs. Bottom line is that you listen to the type of music that suits your taste as of the moment.

Therefore the effects of music really do unwind the restless soul. It is a safe haven for an individual who needs rest in a world filled with instability. It is a source of entertainment and a source of therapy. Healthy indeed is music to a person. Without music, life would be dull; life would be another used to be.